On-site wellness screenings and flu shots

The Archdiocese is launching a new wellness program in 2018, so there will not be on-site wellness screenings or flu shots this fall.

We were surprised and concerned to learn that only 25% of our health plan members had a preventive care visit with their physician in 2016.  The on-site screenings were never intended to replace an actual in-office visit with a primary care doctor.  Therefore, a major focus of our new wellness program will be to promote annual physical exams with a primary care doctor. For health plan members, we will be providing a larger incentive to encourage preventive care visits in 2018, as well as other new wellness initiatives with incentives for those enrolled in our health plan.  The change to The United Plan is a different approach to promoting wellness that involves providing incentives for employees and spouses on our health plan to get annual physical exams from their doctors.

For those not on our health plan, we encourage them to contact their insurance company to see if and how a wellness visit and flu shot are covered under their plan.  Often, there is 100% coverage for preventive care.