2018 Optum HSA update

The Archdiocese will continue contributing employer funds to a HSA in the amount of $46.16/pay period for single coverage and $92.32/pay period for family coverage so long as you’re an eligible employee in 2018.

Beginning with check date January 5, 2018, employer funds and any designated employee contributions will be deposited into your new HSA account with Optum Bank.

What should you expect PRIOR to January 1, 2018?

  1. Your new account will be opened automatically for you in most cases.
  2. You may be one of the few that Optum will require additional information from you in order to be able to open your HSA.
    1. If this is the case, Optum will first contact you via a letter mailed to your home followed up with an email 1 week later.  Keep an eye out for either of these as contributions cannot begin until the account is opened. The IRS does not allow for funds to be used on expenses that have been incurred prior to the account being opened.
    2. If you only provided a PO Box as a mailing address, Optum will not be able to open your account.  You too will receive a letter in the mail regarding this issue.  Please call Optum to provide a physical address as soon as possible.
  3. If your account is opened without additional information being needed, you can expect to receive at your home your new Optum HSA debit card sometime prior to January 1, 2018.  If you do not receive this card by January 1, please contact Optum at 866-234-8913.

What do you need to do?

  1. After January 1, create your account with UMR (umr.com) to gain access to your HSA account (which will actually just be a link to Optum’s site).
  2. Contact Optum ASAP if they request additional information from you to be able to open your account

Rollovers – you will not be able to rollover any funds into your new Optum account until after January 1.  More information on rollovers will be sent out in January.

Please contact Christa Bunch in human resources at cbunch@archindy.org with any additional questions or concerns.