Financial Wellness

Meet Pete the Planner! The Archdiocese is partnering with Peter Dunn to offer free financial counseling seminars and planning days. Please watch for local announcements about Pete’s visit to your parish or school.


“Are you ready for some positive financial change? I hope so, because that’s the goal for this year. I’m Peter Dunn, Pete the Planner, and I’m pleased to be working with the Archdiocese of Indianapolis to help you improve your financial health. Over the next year, there will be several events and programs, held in the various deaneries, designed to help you take control of your financial life forever.

Financial wellness programming helps you address several different areas of your financia


l life including debt, budgeting, saving, and goal setting. A number of resources will be made available to you in the coming months. I strongly encourage you to use this opportunity to focus on your financial health. I promise that the programming will both be informative and fun. As you know, budgeting isn’t the most exciting thing to do. Fortunately my methods are effective and entertaining. My work has been featured on CNN, Fox News, Fox Business, and on my own radio show on 93 WIBC Indianapolis.

I’m looking forward to serving you. ” –Peter Dunn

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